Rusty Rail

The Rusty Rail was constructed as a city improvement project in the year 2000 in the North west corner of  Leslie Street  & Sheppard Avenue. Since it’s construction the residents and local councilors have objected to this structure and made many attempts to remove the structure.  Following is a synopsis of this ongoing saga.  

  1. Attempts by former Councillor Paul Sutherland to remove the structure:
  • Letter from Paul Sutherland December 2001 (below RustyRail-December.2001.former.1.jpg)
  • Letter from Paul Sutherland October 2002 (below RustyRail-December.2001.former.2.jpg)
  1. As part of the community consultation process of the  Bloorview Redevelopment of  High Rise Residential Building at  North east corner of Leslie & Sheppard ( 25 Buchanan Court)  in 2005 community reps along with councilor Shelly Caroll managed to designate funds  to removal of the Rusty rail under Section 37 (community benefit money under Ontario’s Planning Act).
  2. When discussions ensued in late 2008 to use the Bloorview redevelopment section 37 funds to remove the rusty rail, a movement of fellow architects, urban planners made a proposal to Councillor Caroll to keep the Rusty Rail in memory of the recently departed Artist of the Ruty Rail and wanted to complete the greening of the Rail. The greening was to include a design competition.
  3. Councillor Carrol in her wisdom wanted to consider this proposal.
  4. At Ward 33 Advisory Council Meeting held on February 9, 2009 the community members presented the following three motions to Councillor Caroll:
  • Require Community Participation in Design Competition
  • Funding Constraints on the new proposal for greening
  • Time limit for Design and construction must be completed within the 2010 capital season for the city. If not, the city must proceed with removal of the Rusty Rail.

For more information, please email Peter Erwood.


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