Henry Farm Executive


The Henry Farm executive works with residents, city councillors, city officials as well as provincial and federal member’s of parliament, in order to protect the interest of and help shape our community.

The executive plans and organizes many events as described in the events section. To do this, monthly meetings are held generally on the first Tuesday of each month.

Executive Team

The executive team is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting typically held in November. Here is the executive committee for 2020/2022.

  • Position : Neighbourhood Watch/Police Liaison
  • Held By : Eileen Crichton
  • Email : nwatch@henryfarm.ca

  • Position : Web Administrator/Creative
  • Held By : Joseph Ceneda
  • Email : admin@henryfarm.ca

Members at Large

Laura Norris

Sabrina Wong

Jonathan Mousley

Sherry Golisky