What We Do

We are a volunteer association with membership open to everyone residing in the Henry Farm Community.

We are responsive to our community’s needs through the relationships we build with our neighbours, neighbourhood businesses, community organizations, elected officials, and the City of Toronto.

We operate as a conduit of information for our neighbours.  By providing quarterly newsletters delivered to every home in the Neighbourhood, maintaining a website, e-mail communications, speakers at our meetings, we keep our neighbours aware of city operations, community organizations and events and potential developments and changes in the neighbourhood.

We promote social activities within our neighbourhood, such as community dinners, annual Neighbours Night Out street party and concert, Halloween party and other interactive social events.

We provide a Neighbourhood Watch program to the residents, support youth programs with seed money, support the local tennis club and recognize community leadership among students at Shaughnessy Public School. 

We offer an opportunity for neighbours to bring forth their concerns and problems, provide assistance, direction and connecting them to resources for further investigation of their issues.