Neighbourhood Watch

Protecting our community since 1982 with observation and awareness

Contact Henry Farm’s Neighbourhood Watch and Police liaison

The Henry Farm community has been active and involved with the Neighbourhood Watch Program since June 1st, 1982. It was the first community in Metro Toronto to pilot this program and we continue to be a strong believer in its benefits to all families living here. It is simply a program of neighbours watching out for each and their property and it works.

How does it work?

It is a self-help crime prevention program to reduce threats to you and your neighbour’s property. The program works through mutual aid, that is, neighbours watching out for each other. That means we make an effort to meet and introduce ourselves to our neighbours. We know the type of cars we drive, the family members residing there, and the usual pattern or routine on a daily/weekly basis.

Each neighbour can effectively watch those homes to each side, the front, and the back of their own home. A police officer patrolling your community may not recognize a stranger in your yard, but your neighbours would.

We are proud that current statistics from Toronto Police Services, 33 Division, indicate Henry Farm is a very safe and secure community. We want to keep it that way.

Here’s What to do

Know your neighbours and their usual habits/activities, whether you are in a house, apartment, townhouse or condo.

Report any unusual observations to neighbours and if serious, contact Police.

Leave contact information with a friend/neighbour when you are away, how you can be reached in an emergency, when you expect to return, who will be entering your property, such as a gardener, and if possible, leave a key with a neighbour.

If you see a problem, such as an open garage door, newspapers piled up or parcels sitting out, try to correct it.

Watch for strangers ringing doorbells or someone taking a shortcut through the backyard and call Police. Don’t assume someone else has called. Never hesitate to call the Police to report a concern.

Write down descriptions or take cell phone pictures of cars and license plates. Note cars passing by numerous times.

Protect yourself with good property lighting, good lock security and secure all windows and doors. Let your neighbours know when you will be away.

Finally, attend Henry Farm events such as the Neighbour’s Night Out Annual event in June and give your email address to the Henry Farm distribution list so we can send out alerts.

Here are Web Sites to visit:

Toronto Police Services:

Toronto Police Bulletins-33 Division

Our Neighbourhood Officer is Constable Dale Swift (10358)-33 Division, 416-808-3300

Toronto Police Emergency: 911

Toronto Police Non-Emergency: 416-808-2222

The Henry Farm Community is a wonderful place to live because we take care of each other.

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Eileen Crichton 416-496-2081 Neighbourhood Watch and Police Liason